Scuba Diver Course In Eilat

Scuba Diver Course is a basic 2 days course including theory and 4 dives. Dive to depth of 12 meters.

 Scuba Divers are qualified to:

  • Dive under the direct supervision of a  Divemaster, Assistant Instructor or Instructor while applying the knowledge and skills they learn in this course, within the limits of their training and experience.
  • Obtain air fills, scuba equipment and other services when diving under supervision.
  • Under supervision plan, conduct and log open water no stop dives (no decompression) only when properly equipped and accompanied by a certified divemaster, assistant instructor or instructor in conditions in which they have training or experience.
  • Continue dive training to complete their  Open Water Diver certification and certain other courses such as the Project AWARE and Equipment Specialties.

The course is two days long and includes an international certification and a log book.

 Please note: It’s prohibited to fly at least 24 hours after your last dive.

Price for Scuba Diver course: 750 N.I.S + 300 N.I.S certificate

Private course: 1500 N.I.S

 Please contact us  for more information or booking.

Scuba Diving in Eilat with Lucky Divers is the best way into the Red Sea since Moses

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