Three tips for choosing the best
when diving in Eilat

The red sea is truly beautiful, and you want to find the best possible location for diving and coral reef gazing. While you find your dream spot, remember that many people simply forget to do their research when it comes to who you go with, not just where. The difference? The local diving center. There are many different locations in Eilat Israel, but not all are created equal. Nothing can spoil your vacation faster than trusting the wrong center to dive with. This article will help you make sure you choose the best place for your scuba diving adventure with these three handy tips:

1. Look for experience and diving standards

When it comes to your safety, nothing is more important than standards and experience. Find a school that has been around for a long time and has the expertise you need. A well-established club that is PADI certified is always a good bet, as it is the world’s leading diving training organization. A club with PADI credentials will make your underwater adventure exciting while maintaining the highest standards for safety and customer service. It is the safest choice.

2. Location

If you center your vacation on diving, try being close to where the action is, not wasting time on transport. Preferably, find a school near Coral Beach Natural Reserve. This beautiful beach is the most popular site in the area for the sport, and with good reason. Coral Beach Reserve has diverse sea life and beautiful coral formations, an underwater paradise you will want to explore. Don’t forget to check out the Japanese underwater garden and the twin rocks, Joshua and Moses.

3. Can you start right away?

As there are many diving clubs to choose from, make sure that the place you select welcomes you with friendly service and keeps the equipment in pristine condition. You want to choose a place that really tailors the Diving courses to your specific needs, as an experienced divemaster doing professional diving or as a complete novice. Even if you already have your license, many will be required to start with a refresh dive, following the Israeli law. Only after this revision of the basic skills will you be able to book a guided underwater tour to the beautiful reefs. Find a school that offers daily refreshers, so that you can start your adventure as soon as possible.

Red Sea Lucky Divers has been leading Eilat’s diving scene since 1977. It is one of the oldest clubs in Eilat. The training center has certified more than fifty  thousand people and offers affordable courses and tours for all levels and abilities, including a daily refresh course. Our school is proud of having the best location possible in Eilat, sitting right on Coral Beach, just twenty meters from the water. Join our highly regarded and experienced instructors for a safe and breathtaking diving experience you will never forget.


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