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Open Water Diver

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to scuba dive, discover new adventures or simply see the wondrous world beneath the waves, this is where it starts. The PADI Open Water Diver course is the world’s most popular scuba course, and has introduced millions of people to the adventurous diving lifestyle.

At Lucky Divers you will enjoy a comprehensive and professional course with one of our experienced instructors, in a relaxed family environment. Duration of the course – 5 days. During the course we will carry out 9 dives and diving theory will be taught by means of movies, lectures and books.

The PADI Open Water certification gives you a license to dive anywhere in the world to a maximum depth of 18 meters.

The price of the course includes: full diving equipment, maximum 6 students per instructor, PADI Open Water Manual, Padi Dive Table Diver’s Log-Book and Certification.
Very important - Before arriving to the course you should read the health declaration form. If you have to answer "yes" to one of the items on the form (not including past fractures, smoking, excess weight, allergies or glasses), please contact us before you come to the course so that we can discuss if you should consult with a diving physician  (you can see the health declaration form on our website: Home / Forms & Insurance).
In accordance with the instructions of the Israel Diving Authority, any diver from the age of 45 and above must obtain the approval of a diving physician. You can contact any diving physician in your area.
Please note: It's prohibited to fly 24 hours after your last dive.

Price for Open Water Diver course: Special price 880 N.I.S + 150 N.I.S for PADI Manual (in language other than Hebrew).
Special price for Open Water Diver + Advanced Open Water Diver course (in sequence): 1,350 N.I.S + 150 N.I.S for PADI Manual (in language other than Hebrew).
Please contact us for booking or more information.